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With a transportation management system from TOTALogistix you can save up to 15% without renegotiating.

How forward-thinking companies keep costs down, customers happy, and gain a significant competitive advantage

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In today’s business world, “seat of your pants” is no way to fly. It’s also no way to ship. From overnight letters to ocean containers, or anything in between, your own Transportation Management System, or TMS, can put you in control.

A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and operational control never before possible available now at the click of a mouse. Forward-thinking companies use these tools to keep costs down, customers happy, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

In the past, the benefits of a proprietary TMS were reserved for billion-dollar multinationals. Now, cloud computing and disruptive innovation from TOTALogistix have brought the efficiencies and savings a TMS makes possible to small and midsize shippers.

Combining a powerful, advanced proprietary shipping engine and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the system enables employees, even those without logistics expertise, to generate immediate cost savings without compromising service. When things change, your system adapts. Shipping an order is no longer a tedious process. Thanks to interconnected systems your TMS will pull relevant order data from the ERP and provide all your carrier options with transit times across modes giving you the power to choose. This can also be automated based on business rules you specify.

Once the order is shipped, the system will notify your customer and provide them with tracking information. No more WISMO (where is my order) calls. Your system will also close out and update the order in the ERP and track the shipments all the way to delivery. Customer service can now be proactive about managing orders and their status.

Success Stories: Ship Smart


Being a New England based manufacturer of high end wire and cable shielding tapes is a challenge all by itself. To stay competitive this client had to optimize each step of its fulfillment process. The system we built for them covered every box on the TMS best practices checklist. It provides the lowest priced shipping option on all orders regardless of their size. Our IT Department created a real time feed from their ERP system to our TMS and back. This live access enabled the users to print all the necessary documentation, from BOLs to MSDS sheets with a click of a button. We are proud of the fact that we've helped this old line manufacturer become a state of the art shipper.

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Even More...

  • Use the system to route inbound vendor shipments
  • Take control of your shipping with centralized planning and local execution
  • Build consolidated loads and analyze cost benefit of a pool distribution
  • Develop metrics to monitor productivity
  • Provide powerful reports to management
  • Implement carrier performance evaluation programs
  • Empower customer service to provide accurate quotes during order entry

A best-in-class supply chain equals substantial dollars to your bottom line,

but even more to the point, will put you back in control. Take advantage of the brave new world of integrated logistics management with TOTALaccess.

Take control of your shipping.

Call today for a look at how TOTALaccess by TOTALogistix can work for you.

  • Time and again, we see even progressive, tech-savvy corporations depending on legacy technology and outdated systems when it comes to moving their goods. Don’t be one of them. TOTALaccess is a game changer and a competitive advantage you can’t afford to be without.

  • TOTALaccess follows a process-driven approach and is customized for your needs.  This is your TMS, designed for you, built by us.

  • With a cloud-based system, information is available on multiple platforms and locations, from each of your offices or any web-connected device anywhere in the world. Management by exception can now become a reality.

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What Our Clients Say:

“TOTALaccess, a fully integrated TMS, provides us order consolidation, rating, routing, BOL creation and automated shipment tendering to carrier. In addition to improved pricing, the TMS provides us with excellent control and complete visibility into our supply chain”

Dharman Hensman

Director IT - Chase Corporation

“We have been working with TOTALogistix for years now, and they are an essential part of our operation. The savings are substantial, and really make my boss happy. My team relies on their TMS and it saves us time and money every day.”

Jeff Simm

Warehouse / Operations Manager - KMMI

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