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Gain unprecedented visibility into your company’s supply chain.
See your supply chain in a whole new light through the power of analytics.

Has this ever happened to you? You ask for a report and wait a month. Based on the report, you ask a question. You wait another month for the answer.

We won’t go into what happens if you ask another question.

TOTALogistix is bringing the analytics revolution to a supply chain near you – and the supply chain could and should be yours. “Big data” and “business intelligence” are just buzzwords, if you don’t have a way to glean the pertinent data points from the flood of information that can be produced.

The educated application of analytics to your supply chain makes the difference between being overwhelmed by the amount of data generated, and finding the key metrics that allow you, as a manager, to not only have a clearer picture, but to affect change that in turn produces measurable improvements.


Key Performance Indicators

Using our analytics tools, you can look at your logistics practices and your transportation spend in ways and at speeds never before possible. We provide a dashboard of key performance indicators that can give you a snapshot of your logistics operations from any angle you choose. What did we ship 4th quarter this year vs. 4th quarter last year? January vs. January? Cost per order or pounds per order?

Our team of logistics specialists is expert at helping you customize and use your dashboard to focus on the most promising, impactful areas. Like a GPS for your car, like “Moneyball” in the world of baseball, analytics for your supply chain can make the difference between gaining a competitive advantage, and being left behind.

The insight you will gain from the TOTALogistix analytics toolbox will let you know why things cost more, or less, and what you can do about it. The answers are provided instantaneously, and the questions are limited only by what you need to learn.

Our clients get excited when we show them how this works, how easy and straightforward getting a handle on your supply chain can be. Let us show you, and you’ll see how we can give you “answers at the speed of questions.”

With TOTALanalytics, you can look at your logistics practices, and your transportation spend, in ways and at speeds never before possible

  • Your analytics dashboard is customized to put the most pertinent data points literally at your fingertips.

  • From a global overview down to package-level detail, the TOTALogistix analytics toolbox lets you access your information, instantaneously, to gain unprecedented visibility into your company’s supply chain.

Analytics in the Supply Chain

Without the discipline of analytics, Big Data can end up making little sense.

What if....

TOTALanalytics - Business Analytics in Action

A high-end electronics manufacturer noticed their overall transportation spend was increasing disproportionally to their sales. Working with them, we put our proprietary business intelligence dashboard, TOTALanalytics, in place. It not only allowed them to observe this trend, but also got to the root cause instantaneously. Mining the data, they saw their cost per lb. metric had increased dramatically, speci cally on inbound shipments. When the data was ltered to include just inbound air freight, they discovered a threefold shift to air freight The purchasing department was compensating for an inventory problem by expediting the raw material, even when it was unnecessary. After further research, the VP of Logistics established a freight policy requiring justi cation and preapproval for expediting shipments.

The benefits were evident immediately - in August, the freight spend dropped to less than one third of the prior month. It has stayed low ever since, driving signi cant savings to the bottom line with no impact to the rest of their supply chain. The TOTALanalytics suite uncovered an issue, enabled a x, and allowed management to verify the process change undertaken in response was working as planned. Using this tool, you can get questions answered, understand the “why” behind issues, and be empowered to act on them.

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