As a C-level Executive,

You are ultimately responsible for the success of your organization.

Your decisions affect a lot of people.  You are accountable to your shareholders, employees and customers.

Fiscally, you’re under intense pressure to grow both your top and bottom lines.  Your board of directors expects positive results year over year and while increasing revenues can be a challenge, improving margins is an even more daunting task. Rising costs are a fact of doing business.

You’ve seen logistics costs climb to record highs and take a bigger and bigger bite out of your bottom line.  As supply chains have become longer, the process has gotten more complicated and expensive.  You struggle to find ways to better manage costs.

At TOTALogistix, Inc. we understand your challenges, and when it comes to your supply chain, we can help.  The areas we help to manage represent some of the largest expenditures you have.

We are dedicated to helping you find a competitive advantage.  We will show you how to drive toward best-in-class performance and make your supply chain a differentiator. Companies that improve supply chain management significantly outperform their competition.  That improvement can be the defining factor between success and failure.

Let us show you how. Contact us.

Get your Logistics Operations Assessed


Ready to align your logistics operations with your business goals? We can help you with a quick assessment...

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Our carrier contract renegotiations have delivered an average savings of 15%
  • We serve as the extension of your accounting department performing freight audit and payment
  • Our automated GL coding process allows you to allocate transportation expenses accurately and efficiently
  • We ensure that your freight policies work and deliver expected results
  • Get answers at the speed of questions with our state of the art BI

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Report Card
  • Collect and Consolidate Data
  • Establish SC Goals
  • Evaluate Against Benchmarks
  • Identify Anomalies
  • Quantify Opportunities
  • Prioritize Next Steps
Contract Management
  • Analyze Activity by Mode
  • Evaluate Opportunities
  • Utilize Private Rates
  • Negotiate Carrier Programs
  • Establish Metrics
  • Monitor Compliance
  • Access to Powerful Dashboards
  • Identify Anomalies
  • Set Triggers and Alerts
  • Enable Predictive Analytics
  • Act on Targeted Reports
  • Gain Control Tower Visibility
  • Manage Transportation
  • Ship at Least Cost
  • Route Across All Modes
  • Control Inbound and Outbound
  • Enable End-to-End Visibility
  • Analyze Results

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