TOTALogistix, one of the best-in-class 3PL providers and Brother mobile solutions, a multinational brand known worldwide for quality and excellence have partnered to bring cutting edge tools to shippers. The innovative mobile printing and labeling solutions accelerates the efficiency and performance on the go.

COVID-19 has mandated social distancing in the warehouse. The risk of infection is not just due to proximity with others, but also from contact with paperwork. TMS2go significantly reduces this risk. No more shared printers – every warehouse employee gets their own. Print pallet labels where they are packed, not at the shipping office. No more walking to the shipping office with weights and dims and walking back with pallet labels and BOL.

TMS2go incorporates best practices at the warehouse:

  • Increased order fill rate – fast and accurate
  • Reduced steps (literally and on the system) to process a shipment
  • Improved visibility – as an order is packed, not after
  • Optimization – consolidate orders going to the same location
  • Safety – work towards a contact free environment

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